Back on the Hintertux Glacier

Took another ride up to the Hintertux Glacier today.

The skiing was great on-piste but the wind at the top station was mighty strong and the visibility wasn’t great. Still 42km of ski pistes open but today there were mainly the national ski teams training – gone were the partying free stylers from the weekend opening of Betterpark. Driving back through a quiet upper – Zillertal valley I really took in the beauty of the place. The Zillertal is one of the top ski regions in the Alps, it has it all including a glacier offering skiing 365 days per year. The area around Tux and Lanersbach is some of my favourite ski resort terrain – the villages are pretty and the steep valley sides host numerous routes back to the villages. Tourism is a big industry here but there is a real natural purpose to the villages – yes definitely a big fan of this area.

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