Fat biking on a powder day |

As the number of mountain bikers in alpine resorts areas grows, there are more and more riders using the slopes and toboggan tracks in the winter.

Even with the whopping snow falls of this winter, there are diehard mountain and fat bike enthusiasts out there who can't swap their wheels for skis. This was evidenced over the weekend when bemused skiers were passing mountain bikers on ski slopes, navigating their way through a traditional ski slalom course. It looked a whole lot of fun but with the trees bowing under the weight of new snow and plenty of fresh powder lines on offer, you would have to be seriously committed to reach for your bike on a day like that.

The development of mountain and valley trails for mountain and fat bikes is a fantastic development. Adding a real draw to alpine summers and increasingly popular as a winter trail activity, biking is rapidly establishing itself as a reason to visit the mountains across multiple seasons.  And with the advent of e-fat bikes, the fun is set to become easier to access.

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