Freeskiing meets Oktoberfest at the iF3 Innsbruck |

The iF3 in its 6th year of existence arrived in Innsbruck this week to bring the very, very best movie, still photography, athletes and gear from the freeski world to the heart of the Alps.

Action took place on the Hintertux Glacier late last week and movies were showcased during evening sessions in the centre of Innsbruck.

The last night of action began with a test of strength as Oktoberfest hit the auditorium – those on stage were challenged to hold out 1 litre glasses full of beer at arms’ length, the winner receiving the raucous acclaim of the packed audience.

Once the pecking order of the beer drinkers was established it was time for the on-screen action. People packed the auditorium seats, aisles and everywhere else there was a spare spot, the place was jammed. Hundreds sat and whooped as their heroes appeared on screen in freeski sessions filmed all over the world. The electricity in the atmosphere was testament to what a progressive and increasingly popular sport freeskiing has become – the place was buzzing.

After the on-screen action the athletes, film makers and gear suppliers all descended on the closing party that looked likely to produce some seriously compromised wellbeing today. The iF3 is far from the Warren Miller type big budget, product-placement series that it was morphed into – these were hard core freeskiers in incredible locations with a drive to get their lines and lifestyle on the big screen – at the iF3 their action rank alongside anything churned out by the big budget production houses – seriously cool stuff!

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