November at the Stubai Glacier

So after hauling around a load of camera gear so far this season, today was the first ski where I could let the skis run a bit without being bulked-up with camera harnesses and get the legs working.

Today I skied at the Stubai Glacier with a couple of friends that came over from the UK. We only got there mid-afternoon and whilst some of the steeper stuff was a bit icy most of the pistes were really impressive with hard packed, groomed conditions. They were great conditions for some fast descents although with the short days at this time of the year it was a bit of a lottery what you crossed when moving at speed in the flat, late faternoon light. Tomorrow is more of the same – Stubai Glacier, but I will be re-living my days as an Austrian ski instructor and hopefully helping a friend  get past her fear of stopping.

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