The Kitzbuhel Hahnenkamm 2010 – the ultimate winter sports challenge |

Just back from the first race training at the 2010 Kitzbuhel Hahnenkamm downhill on the Streif course, skiing in from Kirchberg to avoid the mayhem of Kitzbuhel during race week.

The mind truly boggles – how these guys get down is one thing but what is going through their minds in the start hut before they launch themselves toward Kitzbuhel down in the valley? Alas I will never know – my skiing is really OK but this for me has to be the ultimate winter sports challenge.

Conditions today were superb with bright sun and temperatures below zero. Not so good for the proud Austrians was the fact that Didier Cuche once again topped the training session and things are looking ominous for the weekend. Bode might well have something to say about that, on his day he is unmatched, maybe Saturday?

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