The Krippenstein Freeride Arena Sekundenjagd ski race |

Just had this through from Isabella at the Krippenstein Freeride Arena, a Freeride off-piste race that is not for the faint hearted and where the trusted snow plough will be a rare sight.

Speaking of sights, for those that want to visit one of the best off-piste and Freeride regions in Europe or those who want to ski at the impressive Dachstein West ski region and also see this spectacular race, the cable car company are offering free access to the cable car for those not carrying ski or snowboard gear. Obertraun is the pretty lakeside resort that accesses the Krippenstein Freeride Arena. Anyway the press release for the Krippenstein Freeride Arena Sekundenjagd ski race:

“Freesports Arena Krippenstein: Sekundenjagd ski slalom on 11 April 2009

On 11 April 2009, skiers will be racing through Krippenstein to knock seconds off their time in the traditional off-piste race. Guests can expect to enjoy a spectacular course, free ascent for spectators and a greatly improved finish area. The race was established a few years ago as a qualifier for the Red Bull White Rush and has now secured itself a place as one of the top-freeski events in the Alps!

More than 70 international skiers are expected to start out on this top class high-speed competition: the freeriders are required to complete a stretch with a 590 m altitude difference prepared by the wind and weather alone – guaranteeing the spectators a magnificent sight! The wild race literally runs up and down from the starting point on the Däumelkogel to the finish line at the Schönberghaus by the centre station of the Krippenstein cable car. The athletes have to endure a demanding 2.5 minutes.

This year, spectators and fans have better access to the finish area and can therefore enjoy better views of the race. Guests without skis will be transported to the station free-of-charge! Organiser Heli Putz from Outdoor Leadership sums it up: “Interest in freeriding is generally on the increase as is interest in events such as the Sekundenjagd race. We have been able to secure some great sponsors in the form of Kästle and Red Bull and can therefore offer a more exciting race with an improved supporting programme for the spectators!”

During the 50s and 60s, skiing legends such as Ernst Hinterseer, Hugo Nindl and Willi Bogner conquered the exact same route of the Krippenstein. Today, the route comprises just 15 direction posts as opposed to 80 back then. This makes this spectacular course all the more difficult and selective.”

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