The masses descend on the Stubai Glacier today

The car parks at the Stubai Glacier offered a pretty good indication of the popularity of the Stubai Glacier ski area today – they were full and it was mighty popular.

With many lower ski areas closing and the late Easter meaning lots of skiers and snowboarders are still looking to get on the snow then it is a no-brainer that the Stubai Glacier and others glacier skiing areas are rubbing their hands right now. The entire ski area at the Stubai Glacier is still open including the Wilde Grub’n ski route back to the base-station. It was pretty windy up there today and those looking for slopes to themselves would be better heading to the Stubai Glacier during the mid-week period as it was buys up there. But conditions were really good and probably as good as anywhere in the Alps right now. Snow is forecast for mid-week with temperatures dropping considerably – powder later in the week may well disrupt the planned schedule :) 

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