The snow capital fights back |

Our articles on the snowiest part of the Alps, the ‘snow triangle’ that runs from Damuls east to Warth and then south to Zurs am Arlberg are causing a bit of debate.

The latest shot comes from Stuben am Arlberg and the Hotel Mondschein. This from the owner Markus – “There is only one true statistic. This one is coming from Innsbruck from the official ZAMG Wetterdienst. When you want to build a house for example, you have to take care about the static. The static of the house is controlled by the snow load. And the government of Austria takes the statistics from ZAMG to decide, in which category your house have to be built. So, Stuben has the major snow load of Austria and this information’s are from the official statistic office ZAMG from Innsbruck.” So basically if you want a roof in Stuben it has to conform to certain structural requirements and these are determined by weather (snow accumulation) data. Stuben has the highest rating in Austria suggesting that it has the highest snowfall rate. Anecdotally I have seen unprecedented amounts of snow on the roofs of Stuben property. So advantage Stuben – at present the snow capital of Austria and the Alps.

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