White corduroy carpets on the Stubai Glacier |

Whilst the buds start to show in down in the valley in Innsbruck, a little south of the city and some 2.5km plus higher the Stubai Glacier is offering some superb skiing on perfect snow.

I skied there today, my first time since the autumn and it is so easy to forget just how good the snow on the Austria glaciers can be at this time of the year. We skied from 3212m down to the base-station at 1750m and only in the very last section was the snow heavy (and not patchy). From the top down the pistes were in superb shape offering some really fast descents. It promises to be a busy weekend on the glaciers with spring sunshine forecast but today the crowds spreads widely to offer some great skiing. My favourite time on the glaciers is the autumn as the temperatures plummet and there is a whole winter to look forward and during the main winter I tend to ski very little on the glaciers. But it never fails to surprise me just how good the snow on the glaciers is after a few months away. 

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