Once the arrogantly-guarded preserve of France and Italy, fine dining is now widely recognised and accredited in Austria with mountain and resort-based restaurants offering serious gastronomy.

Located between Germany and Italy, Austrian cuisine takes from both cultures. The strong farming traditions ensure some excellent produce, much of which is based on organic farming practices.


Austrian fine dining options are widely available in the better resorts, with accredited chefs producing cuisine fused between traditional dishes and contemporary influences. Unbeknown to many, Austria has a rich and extensive wine region in the north east of the country, which produces some excellent wines. Wine cellars in resorts are plentiful, whilst some bottles are stored in high altitude cellars.

As well as the superb regional cuisine, restaurant venues can be true statement structures. There are historic venues which exude atmosphere both on the mountains and in the resorts. There is also a growth of modern architecture in the mountains with dramatic steel and glass restaurant venues clinging to jagged peaks and offering remarkable vistas over the local mountains.


IceQ in Sölden is one of our favourite dining experiences in Austria. It is located at over 3000m on the Gaislachkogel peak which towers above Sölden and can be reached by skiers or foot passengers on the gondola from the valley. As we as being of 007 fame, the restaurant has a fantastic wine cellar (the highest in Austria), excellent food and incredible architecture.



Schloss Prielau is a historic castle close to the shores of Lake Zeller. It is set in wonderfully spacious grounds and the whole experience in and around the restaurant is magical. The buildings house contemporary furnishings and feature stunning interior design. The restaurant has a number of room types for different event requirements and serves award-winning cuisine from its celebrated kitchen.



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