Beautiful cars, stunning surroundings and a huge icy playground to tear around - for some, ice driving days are as good as they get. Under expert supervision, clients are taught to handle these beasts on this uncompromising surface. Some resorts also offer e-car ice and off-road driving clinics.

Ice karting is an alternative driving experience with small, single-seater karts racing around narrow ice tracks. Groups can race against each other on the narrow, winding and icy tracks, avoiding each other and the banked snow perimeters.


It is not often you get the chance to take an expensive German automobile on an enormous ice rink. There are locations throughout the Alps where professional drivers supervise guests on this menacing surface, teaching them driving skills and allowing them to navigate circuits in seriously good cars.

Ice karting is also offered in a number of locations. The ice karting surface is similar, but courses are tighter. The vehicles are more resilient to scrapes and collisions - techniques learnt on ice karting tracks don't readily transfer to ice driving where collisions of multi-thousand Pound cars aren't encouraged!


The machines that are used on ice driving circuits are both powerful and expensive and driving them requires waivers, a valid driving license and sobriety.

Ice karting is slightly less stringent and is open to a wider demographic. Action is a little more competitive and assertive in nature.


Close to Kitzbühel it is possible to take part in ice driving training during the winter, with some seriously impressive German motors available.


There is ice driving on the high altitude terrain of the Sölden - drive the snow like James Bond did.


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