There is no way out! Once the bobsled has set out on its descent, it is a case of hang and on and experience the huge g-forces as the bobsled hurtles around circular bends and banked walls of ice. 800m in length, the bobsled reaches speeds of 110 km/h as it tears down the track.

A professional 'pilot' (a title not out of place) takes client passengers down an Olympic bobsled track. Used for training and International bobsled event purposes, the track is exactly the one used by elite athletes throughout the winter.


A 'pilot' offers a brief introduction to the sport, the bobsled and the safety procedures. 4 passengers huddle behind the pilot, who is tasked with steering and breaking the vehicle. The bobsled rapidly gains speed as it accelerates the top section of the track, before the 270-degree banked curve which compresses those aboard like a sheet of graphene!

Exiting this loop, the top speeds are achieved in the lower part of the track as straights are punctuated by banked curves and the bobsled is forced to corner, high up the ice wall. A long curve precedes the finish line and then the track climbs to dissipate the huge speeds that have been generated. Schnapps is on hand to settle the nerves at the trackside restaurant.


Safety equipment is provided at the track, but good shoes and warm clothes are essential. Travelling 110 km/h in an icy tunnel is far from a balmy experience.

Bring your courage, whilst there is no way out once the bobsled begins sliding, seeing and hearing them thunder past, on arrival, can be unsettling for some.


There are a number of locations of across the Alps which host an Olympic level bobsled track. The leading track and facilities in Austria are located in Innsbruck, around 15 minutes from the city centre.

Bobsled descents can be tailored into a number of event programs and competitive team activities can be arranged with award ceremonies. Guests can stay in Innsbruck or close to the track in Igls.


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