Whether the purpose of the event is to launch a new product, reward high achievers or brain storm the company’s best assets, the right venue is a key component in creating an exceptional event.For those looking for the unusual, there are a range of venue options from cloud piercing ski jumps to fully operational cable cars hosting bars, DJ’s and even movie screenings.

Mountain locations usually offer truly sensation backdrops but that need not be at the expense of accessibility or facilities. Even those dating back centuries can offer modern technologies and comforts. Nor must alpine huts exclude those over 1.5m tall! There is a new breed of alpine venue that offers stunning modern alpine architecture with glass, steel, wood and stone combining to produce remarkable spaces in which to meet.


corporate event venue

Modern venues

Modern alpine architecture can be jaw-dropping, offering remarkable connection with the environment, as well as state-of-the-art facilities.


seminar room alps

Seminar rooms

Concentrate minds in a remarkable seminar room, featuring state-of-the-art facilities and often boasting enviable views.


People standing around an ice sculpture in an igloo.

Igloo venues

Venues that are out of the ordinary can project a dynamism and quirkiness that some clients require for their meeting, seminar or project launch.


product launch venue

Venues for launches

Product launches deserve memorable settings and the Austrian Alps offer many outstanding venues to present remarkable products launches in.

Tables and chairs in a marquee.

Corporate hospitality

Often running in parallel with an event, corporate hospitality marquees and permanent venues offer a more public, yet VIP space to meet and network.

Castle on a mountain.

Historic venues

Historic buildings set in timeless geology. These venues ooze atmosphere through their wood & stone and open fires.


The range of meetings & seminar venues is as broad as the reasons to sit around a table. Clients require spaces for formal and informal meetings. Sometimes absolute privacy is required, at others it is the solitude that focuses minds. At other times clients opt for a segregated section of a public space in which to meet.

Based on client needs the meeting venue or seminar room can be equipped with professional conference support services including technical & media services. Other meetings may require a celebrity speaker to captivate the audience, whilst some clients require a natural backdrop to project their new product line onto.

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