Jagged Horizons ltd. are respectful of privacy and whilst we do collect anonymised visitor data we follow internal policies that are designed to ensure that our visitors’ privacy is respected. We adhere to laws including the Data Protection Act 1998 to ensure the protection of personal information. We operate a privacy policy for customers and also website visitors.


General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) is an EU regulation that came into force in May 2018. At Jagged Horizons Ltd we aim to be fully compliant with GDPR.

In summary (and hopefully plain English) the following describes how we operate to comply with GDPR.

YOUR INFORMATION - when you or your company submit information to us, it is normally requested on the basis that it is required to deliver the services that you or your company booked. Information such as date of birth, dietary requirements, gender, nationality (and other similar information) may be required by suppliers such as hotels, airlines or activity companies. Your information is not used for marketing purposes.

SHARING OF INFORMATION - your information is only ever shared with suppliers to ensure the delivery of your booked services.

LIFESPAN OF INFORMATION – we retain your information for the delivery of a booked service, and where appropriate, future booked services. 

YOUR RIGHTS – as of May 2018, your privacy is protected by the GDPR. Upon request we will delete records of your personal information (subject to laws and regulation governing our obligations). We will inform you at the time if this deletion will have service delivery consequences.

The following privacy policies (generally) relate to website visitors:




We use cookies to gain an insight into how our website functions, which content is popular and where are visitors come from (amongst other things). Data collected through cookies is not capable of or intended to identify individuals visiting our site – it is anonymised and serves to give us a general understanding of our site use; this practice is in line with the vast majority of other legitimate businesses operating on the world wide web. You as a user can control your exposure to cookies – how this is done depends on the browser that you are using. Please use a search engine to find information on ‘browser cookie settings’.

Should you object to submitting anonymous data to us (via Google Analytics specifically) then you can download ‘GA opt-out’ - a browser add-on to prevent your data being collected. GA opt-out can be downloaded here:

Jagged Horizons Ltd has no control over the functioning of this add-on nor cannot make any warrant as to the operational effectiveness of a browser opt-out tool and by extension the level to which the use of this tool renders the user interaction with Piste View products untracked and free from digital data submission.


When visiting our website the user visit will be tracked with Google Analytics and metrics such as city location, time on site, pages viewed and type of device (amongst other details) are collected. This data is generalised and in no way is it possible for us to track an individual from this data – all data is anonymous and generalised. We also sometimes use ‘heatmap’ technologies to track user clicks so that we better understand the functionality of our website.


For newsletter subscribers we collect data that has been volunteered and this is stored in a commercial CRM which is SSL encrypted to ensure that when we access this data it is secure from interception. We will keep your personal information on our systems for as long as is necessary for the relevant purpose unless specified in over-reaching contract. We will of course remove any individual data upon request.


We use weblinks or hyperlinks throughout our content that links to 3rd party sites. These sites will have their own privacy policies independent of ours and we do not accept liability for any outcomes resulting from use of these sites – using these sites is entirely at your own risk. These 3rd party sites are very likely to use cookies to collect your personal browsing data and we strongly recommend that you review their individual privacy policies.


Jagged Horizons ltd. will not share your personal data with any other companies for marketing or other purposes. Only in cases where disclosure of personal data is required or permitted by law will we do this.


Where users add content to our social media, they identify themselves at their discretion and must know that in doing this they have elected to make themselves potentially identifiable to the wider public. This generated content once online could be cached by other sites and we would have no control, nor any liability from the dissemination of this date – please consider this before posting any material on our website or social media sites.


Our privacy and cookie policies are subject to change and it may be useful to check on them periodically to ensure you are familiar with them.


If there is anything that concerns you regarding your privacy whilst using our website then please do not hesitate to contact us and we look into your concerns.

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