Obergurgl – the best sky in the Alps to photo? |

After the 5th or so visit to Obergurgl some winters ago I started to think that I kept striking it lucky with the skies and light in Obergurgl offering incredible photographic conditions.

To be honest there are more feature rich mountain scapes all over the Alps – Obergurgl is high and stark with stupendous views but it lacks the trees and charm of some areas. What is doesn’t fail to deliver are incredible skies with clouds that I have never seen anywhere else before. I spoke to a contact about this who owns and apartment in Solden just down the valley last winter and he says the locals call the clouds ‘sheep’. There were no sheep today in the sky but the rolling clouds across the peaks and glaciers that are shown in the video were mighty spectacular. As was the skiing – prefect piste skiing with just a few patches of ice above Obergurgl down in the valley.

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