Top 5 ski areas in Tirol, Austria |

In Tirol the top of the pile in terms of visitor numbers was St Anton once again which welcomed more UK visitors than any other Tirolean resort.

bergurgl/Solden, Mayrhofen, Soll and Kitzbuhel made up the rest of the top 5. St Anton still retains that fantastic mix of snow, sensational skiing and great apres ski. Absolute beginners should be aware that this isn’t the best choice out there but for the rest the skiing is really exceptional. For the coming year the Lech am Arlberg / Warth-Schrocken ski link will open so effectively those visiting St Anton am Arlberg will be able to access the snowiest ski area in the Alps – that of Warth in the Bregenzerwald. Another reason for St Anton am Arlberg for the top of the pile for the coming season?

It is a little surprising that Obergurgl/Solden ranked so highly – there is no doubt about the sheer height and incredible skiing on offer but I always imagined that the areas were still off the radars of many UK skiers. For those in Solden the apres ski cannot but be a draw as well – this place is hard to match anywhere in the world. The shared ski pass is something that will attract mile hungry skiers and snowboarders as well. But ultimately I think it is the snow security of these towering ski areas that has become a huge plus and has brought in so many to the slopes from the UK.

Mayrhofen, long a favourite of the UK ski and snowboard market continues to draw in the crowds with a ski pass linking to the Hintertux Glacier and 365 day skiing, possibly the best terrain park in the Alps, the steepest groomed slope in Austria and apres ski to seriously test the immune system. The Zillertaler super ski pass offers around 600km of skiing in genuinely some of the best terrain in Austria – this valley is incredible for skiing and snowboarding.

Soll continues to rank with guests from the UK with its mix of superb scenery, great value for money, huge terrain and seriously impressive apres. With the ski / lift link into Westendorf and on over to the Kitzbuhel ski area, Soll and the Ski Welt ski region has received a real boost in recent years – this ski area is vast, interesting and mighty pretty. For beginner and intermediate skiers and snowboarders, as well as expert apres skiers this place is understandably popular.

Kitzbuhel is surprisingly down the list at 5 despite its allure and upgraded ski facilities. Price may be factor since whilst there are no equals in resort charm and atmosphere in the Alps, there has always been a perception of Kitzbuhel being pricey. To an extent this is true – start your evening at the Streifalm and see it through past midnight and there could be some painful credit card receipts in the pockets. But Kitzbuhel is also possible on a budget – this is a diverse resort with many locals living and working in the resort. The idea that Kitzbuhel is an Austrian 1850 is fanciful – there are many affordable ways to enjoy this absolute gem.

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