With huge windows and open spaces, modern venues offer remarkable proximity to the natural landscape. These venues unshackle minds and stimulate thoughts through uncluttered spaces and clean architectural lines. The contemporary structures can leave visitors awestruck.

Stunning examples of modern, contemporary architecture are appearing across the Austrian Alps. These structures offer extraordinary amenities & facilities to complement the drama of the location and access the landscape through walls of glass, terraces and roof-top patios. 


There are examples of poor modern architecture (particularly in France) and yet fortunately these misadventures haven’t stopped a new wave of confident modern designs springing up across the peaks of the Alps. Glass and steel works-of-art now cling to jagged peaks across Austria, offering visitors incredible immersion into the mountains, through walls of glass and open platforms.

Contemporary structures are a long way from the drab days of metre-thick walls and postage stamp sized windows. The open plan spaces and minimalist interior design is bold and stylish and is designed to showcase the drama of the mountains. Spending time in these venues is a privilege and their impact can stimulate minds and encourage creativity.


Innsbruck has a wide range of modern, contemporary architecture from private venues to public spaces. The skyline is a mix of old and new – glass-walled lofts and historic spires. There are daring new mountain huts featuring structures which can be adapted to the weather as well as the iconic, Zaha Hadid designed Olympic ski jump.

Any building that has been featured in a 007 movie has immediate kudos. The IceQ in Sölden is an extraordinary structure that clings to the Gaislachkogel peak at over 3000m. Accessed by another architectural wonder, the Gaislachkogel top gondola station, the IceQ features a rooftop terrace, elevated walkways and a dramatic glass exterior.

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